eWeave Core is used daily in healthcare in Sweden and is based entirely on the OpenEHR information model

Today, health record systems in Sweden use a variety of incompatible formats and development environments, which complicates healthcare work. eWeave Core is based on the OpenEHR information model, which is an international standard for how health record data can be stored and reused, thus providing a bridge between different system vendors. eWeave Core consists of unique tools for building health record systems for all types of healthcare services. Works as a stand-alone application or integrated with other systems.

This is why eWeave is a unique solution:

Scalable for all types of healthcare organisations

Build with openEHR archetypes and templates

Save time with a fast and intuitive interface

Create automated
individual activity plans

Design intelligent forms

Work flexibly in the cloud

Available in the Swedish health care system

eWeave Core has been in operation in the Örebro County Region since 2017, with responsibility for child health record documentation and growth monitoring.

Additional apps

In addition to the base eWeave Core, three specific add-on applications are offered - which can be used standalone or integrated with Core.


Efficient BVC record with new possibilities

eWeave BHV offers child health services a new support while allowing evaluation and reporting without duplication.

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Dynamic growth curves for children

eWeave Growth is a powerful tool that enables dynamic growth curves for children 0 to 19 years with reference curves and advanced calculations.

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Secure and reliable vaccination record

eWeave Provacc is a tool for fast and secure documentation of vaccinations, with the ability to handle complex vaccine prescriptions.

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Our products and users

eWeave offers two products: Core and Growth

eWeave Core

eWeave Core is a complete platform for electronic documentation systems in healthcare. Core follows the openEHR model, with structured, terminology-bound health data, in so-called archetypes.

eWeave Core offers customised medical record templates with built-in decision support, complemented by custom-developed apps. The templates are designed to form care plans, and are visualised in individual calendars.

All data can be reused in other systems and quality registries. Unique version management
of each document.

eWeave Growth

eWeave Growoth offers dynamic growth curves for children 0-19 years with selectable reference curves and advanced calculations.

Can be used as a standalone application or integrated into eWeave Core.

About eWeave

We have been working with openEHR as a model for information management for over 15 years. We have broad experience in clinical care work at different levels, system architecture and programming. eWeave Core is in production since 4 years and in active development.
jörgen kuylenstierna
Jörgen Kuylenstierna
System developers and doctor
roger olivecrona
Roger Olivecrona
System Architect and Technical IT Manager

Our vision is for OpenEHR to become the leading standard in Sweden.

Collaborate & Partners

We are looking for partners to develop or complement our Open EHR-based systems.

IT experts in healthcare

You have experience in clinical healthcare work and have ideas on how to develop and improve healthcare documentation in the healthcare unit. Here, eWeave Core can serve as a base from which we can build a specialised and adapted version together.

System suppliers

eWeave Core is developed as a stand-alone platform with specialised apps, which also work stand-alone and can be integrated with external medical record systems at different levels.

OpenEHR-focused companies

The OpenEHR model-on which eWeave Core is based-works as a network, where health data can be transmitted in a standardized way-completely independent of the system vendor's interface. Here we see great potential for collaboration.

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